Duda Traded, Smith Not Called Up

Duda's face after watching a replay of the throw home he made in Game 5 of the 2015 World Series.

Duda traded. Great. Sad for a half second. Did we get a good return? Well, Drew Smith is a reliever, so regardless of his stats, Terry is sure to blow his arm out. It doesn't matter.

The bigger issue is that Dom Smith was not called up. Why not? It doesn't even hurt that kike Jeff Wilpon's wallet. So what the fuck? I guess it's Wilmer time at 1B? I want to rant and rave about how retarded they are for not bringing up their 1B prospect (that every scout has deemed ready) but the truth is, in this meaningless season, I like the idea of keeping Dom as far away from Ray Ramirez as possible. As important as major league experience is, the Mets are not a major league team, so it's a moot point.

Duda will be remembered as the guy that beat Ike "The Franchise" Davis for the starting job by batting .230, a solid 100 points higher than Davis. When reached for comment, Duda said, "they really didn't bring up Smith?" Ike "Say Hay Fever" Davis, when reached for comment, said, "achoo!"

Bonus Blow: Flexen has somehow made Monterrible a middle-of-the-rotation starter by default. Wow! The depth!! Horses in the stable! Montero wouldn't get the bump for my softball team, and here he is in the middle of the Mets' rotation. Remember when he was a shining prospect of hope? Pray for Dom and Amed.

Mets Sweep; Duda Dead

Thor is a god? Nice.

Conforto dinger? Nice.

Mets not really hitting against doodoo Brew Crew? Not nice. Got the sweep? Yeeeeeeah buuuuuut we didn’t hit well. 

Duda getting a 2nd MRI? Not nice. DEAD! TDA also dead. Wright dying. Way to walk it off on Saturday. 3-0 cookie yum yum. Hardest hit ball I’ve seen off his bat in a while. Pray. 

How bout Conforto plays 1st, Reynolds plays 3rd, and Lagares plays CF? That might not be so bad. I’m a 1B/LF and it works for me so it’ll work for Conforto. We are kin, yay.

Now we go to Washington. GO TIME! 

Happy #HarveyDay and Duda’s Dead

Just some minor stiffness
Just some minor stiffness

Mets 4, Rockies 2

Niese was brilliant (again!). Other than a retarded pitch to the elite CarGo (duhhh he hit a dinger), Niese was excellent. So was the pen. Elite pitching and enough hitting got us the W. And that’s the kind of win we’ve been looking for all season. Hell, it was even a comeback victory. The Comeback Kids!

Reyes got a nice ovation. He then got another ovation when he was caught stealing. He also let the game winning single from Murph go under his glove. It probably would’ve scored 1 anyway, but with the range he had in his prime (or with Tulo still at short), I think that play goes differently.

d’Arnaud hit a dinger. Nice to see him swinging a good bat again. Hopefully he can stay healthy. PRAY PRAY PRAY.

Moving forward…

They say Wright will be back. They say Matz will be back. Well here’s the real news: Duda is dead! Back stiffness, they say. Just a scratch, they say. Spinal stenosis, guaranteed. Happy #HarveyDay! Elite pitching and enough hitting.

Meanwhile, in the pennant race, the Nats go up against Greinke and Kershaw today and tomorrow. I don’t know how the fuck the Nats lost 2 out of 3 at home to the Rockies, but the Mets cannot make the same miscalculations. The Nats really blow to lose to the doody Rockies. That’s AWFUL. We’ve got Harvey, deGrom, and Thor lined up here. Their best pitcher already pitched yesterday. Must win, win, win.

Talks Break Down With Duda

Way to go you Jew fucks! Way to make Duda not want to be here a day before the season. Hopefully he takes it out on you by playing his way off the team.

Love Duda. The Dude. Speak softly and carry a big stick. I think the Mets should lock him up! Pay heem. Pay zat man heez mahnee. 

So naturally the Mets nickel and dimed him (likely just pennies) and well…say bye-bye to the only 30 dinger guy on the team! Move the fences in for him and then lose him to free agency! At least that’s not as bad as what they did with Reyes: Build a stadium for him and then don’t even make an offer! 

P.S. Duda will hit 30 dingers this year and his price will go Up Up UP! 

P.P.S. The Mets claim that Madoff is no longer an issue? So what’s your fuckin excuse now?! The entire Madoff “issue” was just a lie. They’re criminals. They’re just cheap Jew fucks. 

Why Aren’t We Hearing About Lucas Duda?

Talk about burying the lede…Mets’ official blogs (Metsblog, ESPN NY Mets, etc…all the ones that are paid off by the Wilpons to be subservient, good little media lackeys) are NOT ALLOWED to talk about Lucas Duda.

Well, they are allowed to talk about him a little bit. They’re allowed to talk about the positive things, like how he’s really slugging the ball off the batting tee.

They’re not allowed to talk about Duda beyond a certain character length (probably the length of a tweet), and they’re not allowed to use certain words such as “setback” and “problematic.”

Way to try and hide this one, Mets. But here at Metsblow we know better. I desperately hope Duda gets healthy, but the Mets will spend the money to cover up the injury rather than on a doctor that can help.

Mets sign Duda aka Mets do something right aka let’s see how this one fucks us over

Avoiding salary arbitration is good. Good job Mets.

Fences in! 30 (40!?) dingers from Duda!

I’m so happy we have Duda. I felt the same way about Ike roughly 2 years ago. The, “finally, we don’t have a question mark at 1B” feeling.

Keep Lucas the FUCK away from haystacks and pollen.