Why Aren’t We Hearing About Lucas Duda?

Talk about burying the lede…Mets’ official blogs (Metsblog, ESPN NY Mets, etc…all the ones that are paid off by the Wilpons to be subservient, good little media lackeys) are NOT ALLOWED to talk about Lucas Duda.

Well, they are allowed to talk about him a little bit. They’re allowed to talk about the positive things, like how he’s really slugging the ball off the batting tee.

They’re not allowed to talk about Duda beyond a certain character length (probably the length of a tweet), and they’re not allowed to use certain words such as “setback” and “problematic.”

Way to try and hide this one, Mets. But here at Metsblow we know better. I desperately hope Duda gets healthy, but the Mets will spend the money to cover up the injury rather than on a doctor that can help.

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