Mexicans and Players From Other Mexicos Shouldn’t Be Allowed To Play During Shortened Season

Players like Luis Castillo wouldn’t be allowed to play under proposed guidelines for 2020 season

With the coronavirus raging in the states that border dirty nasty shithole countries, after raging in dirty nasty shithole cities up North that have long been infiltrated, MLB is going to come back. That means great news for everybody who loves to watch the Mets lose, because there’s sure going to be a lot of that coming up. Something intriguing I’ve seen from some very good people–some of the best people–is that the Mexicos are having yuge covid problems. And if the libtards hadn’t kept us from getting the wall up in time, we would be down to zero cases by now. So with that, some experts are saying that MLB should only come back if we keep those potentially contaminated players out. It makes a lot of sense to stable geniuses such as myself, and I look forward to hearing more about this. It seems like some of the best players–and I’ve spoken with them, and these are good people–agree that the season would be safer this way. And wearing masks simply isn’t an option, since masks look totally gay. We need to get back to playing immediately. Sports are the rewards of a stable, healthy, productive society. And there’s really no place more stable and safe than the U.S.A. Except for the illegals. So let’s keep it legal, keep it safe, and play ball! Good thing there aren’t any teams in New Mexico. I can’t believe we allowed them a state.

P.S. There’s a reason why prominent Astros players like Altuve, Correa, and Beltran are in such deep shit and the Yankees aren’t. We all know what it is. The Astros’ cheating was worse because they’re from the Mexicos. The Yankees players–who lambasted the Astros before being caught themselves–are held to lesser standards because they’re here legally.

P.P.S. What’s the status of Alonso? I don’t like that vowel at the end there. Somebody’s gonna have to check his birth certificate. Also please fudge it if he’s Mexican cuz I really don’t want him to get deported. He can stay with his American friend Jonas Lawn.

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