Happy #HarveyDay and Duda’s Dead

Just some minor stiffness
Just some minor stiffness

Mets 4, Rockies 2

Niese was brilliant (again!). Other than a retarded pitch to the elite CarGo (duhhh he hit a dinger), Niese was excellent. So was the pen. Elite pitching and enough hitting got us the W. And that’s the kind of win we’ve been looking for all season. Hell, it was even a comeback victory. The Comeback Kids!

Reyes got a nice ovation. He then got another ovation when he was caught stealing. He also let the game winning single from Murph go under his glove. It probably would’ve scored 1 anyway, but with the range he had in his prime (or with Tulo still at short), I think that play goes differently.

d’Arnaud hit a dinger. Nice to see him swinging a good bat again. Hopefully he can stay healthy. PRAY PRAY PRAY.

Moving forward…

They say Wright will be back. They say Matz will be back. Well here’s the real news: Duda is dead! Back stiffness, they say. Just a scratch, they say. Spinal stenosis, guaranteed. Happy #HarveyDay! Elite pitching and enough hitting.

Meanwhile, in the pennant race, the Nats go up against Greinke and Kershaw today and tomorrow. I don’t know how the fuck the Nats lost 2 out of 3 at home to the Rockies, but the Mets cannot make the same miscalculations. The Nats really blow to lose to the doody Rockies. That’s AWFUL. We’ve got Harvey, deGrom, and Thor lined up here. Their best pitcher already pitched yesterday. Must win, win, win.

2 thoughts on “Happy #HarveyDay and Duda’s Dead

  1. Joe Enright says:

    Well at least Duda didn’t do a “Blevins” (fall off a curb days before you were going to start a rehab assignment, thereby re-breaking the same pitching arm that just healed after being fractured by a batted ball).


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