Mets Are the Softest and I Hate Everyone

What a catch

Mets make the softest, faggiest decision ever. Beltran stepping down. They suck. They all suck.

Somehow this all feels like the media pushing to coverup the real story of the week: Derek Jeter got sued by a minor leaguer for being blocked from getting called up. Media doing everything they can to bury the story and protect their golden boy.

The Mets let go of their manager AFTER the league officially stated that no player from the Astros team would be punished. Sooooo….basically the Mets care what the media thinks? The Mets care what the fucking Daily News thinks? This entire website is based on the fact that the media sux dix. Never thought it was this bad. This is the softest thing I’ve ever seen a franchise do.

This is a curveball of epic proportions to what was looking like a promising 2020. I’ve never seen a curveball like this. The Mets have never been fooled so badly and just completely buckled by a curveball. Wait…

Oh and yes, I used a nice picture of a happy Beltran moment instead of the Wainwright curveball. Memories. All alone in the moonlight.

P.S. Beltran was on the Yankees (front office) for the past 2 years. Ummmm…where’s the outcry?

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