We’re Not A Complete Team

Red Sox 6, Mets 4 (F/10)

The bullpen blows. We’re not a complete team. Harvey gets lifted after 6 innings (103 pitches) of lights out ball, and the bullpen blows the whole fucking thing.

Our pen is bad, guys. We’re not a complete team. We’re not there yet. Get someone. Get K-Rod back or something. Do something, because THIS IS OUR SHOT AND THE BULLPEN IS FUCKING BLOWING IT.

Pennant Race Blow: The Nationals lost at home to the Marlins. Scherzer was pitching. He got touched up again. WOOOOOOOW they’re strugg-a-ling. NL LEEEEEAAASSSTT.

Matt Williams Says He’s Never Seen Anything Like It

So Span got hurt AGAIN yesterday. Matt Williams, the Nats’ manager, is shocked. He’s “never seen anything like it.”

So, Matt. Matty Matty Matt Matt. Matt “manager of the year 2014” Williams, let me ask you a question: Do you watch baseball?

My eyes! I can't see!
My eyes! I can’t see!

Are you fucking kidding, Matt? I’m not even talking about Mets baseball. I mean sure if you watch the Mets ever ever ever, you’d see we’re oft injured. The most in the majors. Fine. But I’m just talking about ANY BASEBALL AT ALL. Baseball, motherfucker, do you watch it? Are you surprised that the Rangers are better this year? Prince Fielder broke his NECK last year. And Yu Darvish is still hurt this year. They’ll be better next year…or will they? Injuries can plague a team. What the fuck are you talking about, Matt?

The Nationals have moved to blaming injuries. HA! HA HA FUCKING HA! Tell that to Zach Wheeler. Tell that to Travis or David. Hey Nationals, you silver spooned pieces of shit, welcome to adversity. Maybe next time don’t let LaRoche and Clippard go, you freakin mooks.

We Won Because…

Mets 9, Phillies 5 (F/13)

Because there was no O’Flaherty or Recker in this game. Good job. Way to stick with it.

We also won because of a really fucking lucky play off Torres’ foot and into Murphy’s glove and then out of Murphy’s glove backwards into Torres’s glove at 1st. That was nuts. Good on Torres for covering after being struck in the foot.

Also Jelly and Cespedes hit dingers. Hey, we set a franchise record for dingers in a month! Do you think that has anything to do with getting the 2x home run derby champ on our team? Maybe? Just maybe?

Who Still Blows?

Mets 9, Phillies 4

…and nobody got beaned.

So it’s tough to complain, right? Wrong! I’m going to skip all the good news and praise and get right to it: O’Flaherty and Recker should never be seen in a Mets uniform again. The end. Tonight, Niese pitches against Harang for the sweep.

The Phillies Don’t Know The MLBN’s Flagship Program?

So the Phillies have a problem with this?
So the Phillies have a problem with this?

Mets 6, Phillies 5

No, they don’t really have a problem with quick pitching. Their problem is with that fact that we’re better than they are. They’re a dogshit team and we’re not. They’re frustrated. Lame. Super lame. When a brawl breaks out today, Harvey better not punch with his pitching hand.

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