Quick Thoughts on Piazza

Hard to think too much about it what with Cespedes being dead, Cabrera being dead, and our prayers unanswered. But here are some quick thoughts:

~The Wilpons getting booed was the unequivocal highlight.

~Piazza was classy. Especially during his victory lap in the golf kart.

~For me, it was bittersweet when we signed Piazza because Hundley was my favorite player. I knew it was worth it, though.

~We didn’t stand a chance against the Braves and only got to the WS in 2000 thanks to the Cards bumping them off. We didn’t stand a chance against the Yankees, even without the rigging. Clemens should’ve been ejected.

~I was at game 5 in 2000. Even though Piazza flying out was a “lowlight” of sorts, he put a charge into it. He almost got to Mo there. It sucks that Piazza made the last out, but we never had a chance. He was great. Truly the best. That team overachieved and he was the star. 7 year contract for Cespedes. Yo! 

~The fans were great. We never have nice things!! Ever!! Piazza’s the first fucking Mets everyday player that has ever had his number retired! I’m glad we gave it the ceremony it deserved. 

~Piazza loves Jesus. The lesson is to pray. 

Atrocious, Says Gary

Even nice guy Gary is pissed. Atrocious. The umps? Atrocious. That HR-into-out replay? Atrocious. This team? Amazin’. I mean atrocious. A fuckin troshis. 

Terry got rung up, too? Sort of? He’s no quitter, but he probably appreciated getting out 10 minutes early to beat the traffic. 

Each Game Is Worse Than the Last

If your name isn’t Yoenis, you’re not doing enough.

Fam was bound to blow one. We should’ve had at least 7 runs this game, though.

The Mets are amazing. Just when you think it can’t get worse, they go and lose this one. Verrett vs. fucking Wainwright and we could’ve had this one! A historic night of stranding runners in scoring position and an absolutely riveting comeback (thanks Yo) squandered away. Great for baseball. Terrible for the Mets. Terrible team. Teeeeeerrriiiible.

You Wanna Talk About Same Ol’ Mets?

Asdrubal got a hit with a runner in scoring position. Brand new Mets!


~Reyes is dead. Same ol’ Mets. Maybe Flores gets some playing time? Derrrp Terry. 

~No run support for their ace(s). Same ol’ Mets. Managed to squeak out a win because our pitching is that nasty.

~Left a billion runners on. Same ol’ Mets.

So why the fuck was Reyes held? Reyes, who was on 1st before he died, was held at 3rd on a Cespedes (who else?!) double. Timmy! Timmaaaaayy! Send him you freakin’ mook. Two outs. We ain’t gettin another opportunity. And that was the game. 

We should’ve won both. Same ol’ Mets.

You know why the Cardinals are so good all the time? You know why they’re never out? Ownership. It’s not just the major league team. It’s the whole fucking organization. Fuck the Wilpons.

Mets Love To Leave ‘Em Loaded


The Mets leave ’em loaded like a couple of white trash brother-sister-parents huffing meth in their truck while their baby hangs out with his “new rattle.” I guess that means at least we get runners on base. It’s better than leaving ’em empty, which is what white trash cops do after they’ve left the black neighborhood. I’ve never seen such futility with the bases loaded. How is it that every year the Mets have a, “hey, they’d be awesome if not for this one historically bad category?” This year it’s BA with RISP but I remember when it was bullpen WHIP/ERA just a few years ago. It somehow always relates to us not knowing the fundies. It’s systemic all the way through the farm system, I suppose. It’s the Jew sickness.

I know we won some games against a “good” team on the “road,” but wow do we blow. And yes I put road in quotations because South Beach for guys like Reyes and Cespedes is home. So we blow. The Marlins blow, too. The whole league kinda blows, huh?

Stop Making Excuses

Derrrr, what should we do? Hire Wally Backman, mayhaps?

You wanna say we’re hurt? Too crowded? FULL! We’re full! Fuck all this shit. My diagnosis is bad babysitting. Bad baseball. Nobody knows what the fuck they’re doing. Yo hurt. Harvey hurt. Wheeler dead. It doesn’t matter. We suck. The games are fucking terrible to watch. Colon let up a run in the 1st and the game was over. That’s all there is to it.

I don’t understand how you dumb shit bloggers and fans can possibly do the retarded things you do like “scoreboard watching” or making excuses or whatever shit you do. Do you know anything about baseball? Watch the fucking games. Look at the god damn batting averages. We had fucking James Loney batting cleanup yesterday. That’s retarded. We never stood a chance. And I like Loney, too. It’s not a knock on him. We’re behind the Marlins for fucks sake. Stop acting like you know what you’re talking about and stop making excuses. Fuck you, Matt Cerrone. Do you even watch the games? Mets blow.

How The Fuck Did He Escape?

“He” meaning Familia aka Andy.

Jesus Fam. Get it together, Grouch. You’re lucky we “have the Cubs’ number” because you had NO BUSINESS saving that game. Good thing they were hacking or you would’ve walked everybody.

Bless the infield. Reyes with the gun. Walker with the turn. Loney with the scoop. Flores/Wright, Murph, and Duda go 0 for 3 on the execution of the game-ending DP.

Bless Rivera. Everyone makes mistakes. But he’s earned his playing time. Everyone likes throwing with him.

Once again, we beat Arrieta. Sort of. I’ll take it. Whatever. Mets blow.

Fuck this Team

I knew all the “we have the Cubs’ number” talk was silly, but I really thought we had Lester. I was at the July 3rd schillacking. It was Cespedes sleeve day. I can’t believe he mowed us down. He’s a bum. We suck. We had opportunities. At least Conforto went oppo! 




deGrom is deBest. We know this. It’s more than just the actual performances on the mound, including yesterday’s CG 1-hit shutout. It’s also the fact that he opted out of the ASG to rest up. It’s also the fact that he’s so cool, calm, and collected–and therefore respected. That’s not to say he lacks a joie de vivre–far from it–but it’s just that he’s focused. He’s deBest.

But fuck all this. My softball team went 3-0 this weekend and the Mets should’ve, too. Game 2 was atrocious. No situational hitting. It’s just pathetic. There are a lot of questions up in the air now. Here’s how they should be answered and here’s how the Mets will likely answer them.

1) Conforto back up/Nimmo down. They should play Conforto in RF when they can and help Cespedes heal his legs by keeping him in left and Lagares in center. Cespedes even openly stated he would prefer this. Terry will probably botch all of this and start de Aza.

2) The situational hitting is atrocious. Bunt drills. Sac fly drills. Drills drills drills. Come early. Stay late. The ’86 Mets never went home after a game. The team stayed to watch film and drill or hit the weight room. Everyone will go home. They’re not being paid enough to stay late and Terry’s a “players’ manager” but really he’s just a pushover.

3) As a result of being out and about a lot this weekend, I listened to a lot of Mets baseball on the radio. Josh Jewin should be shot, or at least fired…out of a cannon. He’s fucking dogshit. The Jewpons and the conservative monsters at 710 WOR will likely promote Jewin and fire Howie Rose. Rose was not present this weekend, leaving Wayne to fill in for him. Wayne might be even worse than Josh.  

4) The Jewpons jewed out on Gourriel, who got signed by the Astros. It would be more odious and shocking if I wasn’t already so accustomed to their hard J ways. Nobody thought we’d get them. The part that pisses me off is when I see reports that the Mets were interested. Keep spinning it, PR team! We were toooootally interested.