I Didn’t Watch the Game

The Mets won. I don’t know the score. I saw DeGrom returned to form. As one of my two war room generals put it, let the Reckers of the fan base get this one. Today we rest.

What a glorious rest it was. I probably would’ve ended up watching if I was home, but I had a softball game. We won. Everything’s coming up Milhouse. 

Also, the Dodgers lost. We care. Make your jokes about how we suck at home now, but you want the higher seed. Of course you do. If you take the whole season into account, the Dodgers are GREAT at home and BAD away. The Mets are apparently perfectly capable of winning anywhere, so get the Dodgers the fuck out of Cali. 

Should Harvey Pitch Today?

Mets 12, Reds 5

Duda 2 dingers blah blah. Thor great start yada yada.

Let’s get down to business here: The magic number is 1 (Nattitude!). Harvey is on the mound today. Should he be pitching? Of course he should be. We can finish it today and that’s exactly what we should do. Finish it. Don’t let anything crazy happen. Don’t let it go to Philly where hey who knows maybe just maybe but no way but maybe the Phillies are game to spoil our party. Maybe just maybe but no way the Nats step up and start winning but yeah no way.

So, mainly thanks to Nattitude, this hasn’t really been a pennant race. Even so, the people saying we should rest Harvey are retarded. It ain’t over till it’s over. Of course you put Harvey out there today. Close it out today and then you can officially rest everyone for 2 weeks and that should be plenty. Close it out today and we can watch Recker and EY and Soup in the starting lineup for the last games of the season and have a good laugh about it.

Everyone get the fuck off of Harvey’s back. He’s coming off of MAJOR SURGERY. No shit he’s confused. No shit everyone’s confused. The dude is a young beast in the limelight. Give him a fucking break. Across town, they’re lovingly embracing A-Roid as a hero for getting them to the postseason. The Yankee fans may be dumb assholes, but they cheer for winners. Harvey has been a big part of our first winning season in a long time. He’s been a big part of the culture change here. For fucks sake, cut the kid a break. Metsblow Nation knows that all these bullshit problems and media spins are a result of the Jewpons fucking things up and then manipulating the media to point the finger at the players. Don’t be fooled.

Magic Number 3…Wow

Mets 6, Reds 4

Hard to imagine a team with Votto, Phillips, and Bruce could be so awful. They have rookie pitching. We have rookie pitching. The difference? Ours are elite (supposedly) and there’s are poo-poo. We’ll see what Thor can do on the road tonight.

So-so start from Steven Matzohballsoup. Atone for that shit, brother. Whatever. We won. Back-to-back-to-back hits from Murph, Cespedes, and Duda sealed the deal. That’s what we’ve been waiting for. More Nattitude helped us and our magic number is now at 3. Remarkable. What’s funny is that 90 wins (we may finish with a couple more) is good enough to make the playoffs as a wildcard team 4 out of 5 years. And it just so happens that this year, 90 would NOT be enough. The Pirates and Cubs will both finish with better records than the Mets. Somehow, someway, (keep coming up with funky ass shit like every single day), the predicted 100+ wins Nats might not even get to 82. Wow. NL LEAST. Wow.

It Ain’t Over ‘Til It’s Over

I’m not even going to post yesterday’s score.

The Mets need to take a page out of the late great Yogi Berra’s book. Named after a famous bear, Yogi said, “It ain’t over ’til it’s over.” Wake up, fucktards. Losing to the Braves at home? Really? They’re soooo sweepable. Take some advice from one of the greatest, winningest athletes of all time.

Vets gotta step up. Big Sexy Bartolo Colon tonight. Gotta win this game. If we lose this game, I don’t even want to make the playoffs.

Mets Blow; Braves Blow Harder

Conforto definitely does NOT blow. He's the 2nd best bat on the team.
Conforto definitely does NOT blow. He’s the 2nd best bat on the team.

Mets 4, Braves 0

Niese for six, then Reed, Clippard, and Familia to finish it out. That’s a winning formula. That’s good enough. Niese can shut the anemic Braves down. Freeman ain’t so great against lefties, and Niese got him with the bases juiced in the 3rd. That was enough.

But the Mets BLOOOOOW. Murphy’s baserunning BLOOOOWWWS. And his fielding BLOOOOWWSS. Can he just DH and then someone can pinch run for him? Holy fucking hell, his mental mistakes on the basepaths are legendary.

The Mets failed to get Yoenis in from 2nd on multiple occasions. Leadoff doubles be damned, why bother with insurance runs? Play a little bit of small ball, one time. Some situational hitting would be nice. Statistically, the difference in winning percentage when your team is leading by 5 runs instead of 4 is staggering. Granted, both games are likely Ws, but when even a grand slam can’t tie it up, the game is really locked up. Not that anything is over when it comes to the Mets. I didn’t hear no fat lady. But the Mets could’ve easily had a few more runs that game.

Fuck it. The Mets should’ve had 10 runs that game. Shutout hooray, but that should’ve been a blowout. Magic number is now 7. Gotta sweep the Braves at home. They blow so hard.

That Was a Lock

Yankees 11, Mets 2

Primetime, nationally televised game? Check. Against the Yankees? Check. High stakes? Check. Total meltdown collapse comedy of errors? Check.

The Mets love it. The subway series is always the same script. If we’re contending, it’s a meltdown. If we’re playing for nothing, we make it out World Series and beat them like it matters. Remember Matt Franco off of Mo? Hooorrrraaaay Mets and then the Yankees win 3 chips in a row hoo-fucking-ray. 

Just clinch. Back to doodoo teams. Back to NL Least. 

Mets Lose to Pineda (Another Cheater)

Yankees 5, Mets 0

Getting shut out at home blows. Getting shut out at home by a guy whose shoulder is falling off is even worse. How much cheating can the Yankees muster? How are their pitchers–who with any other team would’ve gotten TJ or shoulder surgery, respectively–throwing so well? I hope it burns them so badly. I hope young Pineda and his pine tar filled neck is done at 28. I hope they’re all done. Any other team would be mismanaging these arms, but with the Yankees it’s somehow different. It’s somehow ok because they have magic cheating juice.

Anyway, we got shut out. So there’s not much to say about it. That’s on us. Getting shut out at home is pathetic.

Message to Thor: You can’t throw a 99mph heater past major leaguers like Beltran. You can’t do that 0-2. You have great stuff, but it’s not enough in the Show. Mix it up out there.

Rubber game tonight on another game that won’t be broadcasted by SNY. The FOX announcers were absolutely dogshit yesterday. They said everything you’re legally allowed to say on TV without being branded a full blown racist about Cespedes and his “antics.” They said that CC is having a good year. Ummm…he’s the worst pitcher in the league, maybe? Harvey (for what, 4 innings?) vs CC is our game to win. Wright should feast on him. Everyone should. Then we can have all the Yankee fans change their shirts and call themselves Mets fans the rest of the way through.