Pussies, Retards, and New Rules

Division Series - New York Mets v Los Angeles Dodgers - Game Two
Tejada broke a leg. Utley hopefully got concussed. The Mets won the NLDS.


So the Ruben Tejada rule was made official today. It’s retarded. I’m not even going to post it. All the fucking pussies out there might have a point about player safety, but that’s the fucking point, then you need to eliminate collisions. They didn’t do that. They’re just making it so that you have to be on the bag. Collins said, “somebody is going to get their clock cleaned.” And he’s fucking right.

Do you know what my softball league has at 1st base? They have two bases. One for the fielder and one for the runner. It’s kind of a fagoat move but if you’re going to be a pussy, don’t be a retard. If you want to ensure player safety, then do it. Now you just look like pussies AND retards. Good job, MLB. You did it again.



Mejia Banned For Life

“I don’t want you bidniss no more.” -Joe the fruit store guy and also apparently the commish.
Well, Mejia has reached a new level of baller status. He doesn’t give a FUCK. Wow. I respect it. It takes a special kind of indifference/cool/delusion/apathy to do what he did. I’m impressed.

More importantly, pray that Wheeler comes back strong and that Tolo can move into a beneficial bullpen role. Pens are always the toughest to predict. Obviously, it’s a shame that Mejia is out (for doing what everyone does…but more often and with outdated drugs and more recklessly?) and it’s a shame that we lost Clip but we move forward. Start the damn season already.

P.S. How fucking good is Team Banned? Shoeless Joe, Pete Rose, and now they have a stud closer. Great team.