Move On, Get Tough

Game 3 tonight at 8:37 (don’t tune in early for the bullshit commercials…stick to SNY, if ya gotta have the TV on).

Pray pray pray. Pray for Tejada, pray for Flores, pray for Reynolds. Pray for the Mets and pray for their health.

Pray the umps take their hollywood pageantry out of the game for once? Sure, but we’ve moved on. Now comes the biggest game since nlcs game 7 in 2006. Oops.

Hey, it’s HarveyDay. Couldn’t be more jacked up. Biggest game ever by far. Get tough. We’ve shown resiliency all season–both in games and in between games. That stems from elite starting pitching. And that’s what we need more than ever, now. Let’s go. 

Mets Win Game; Inexplicably Send Plawecki Down

Always double down on 11.
Always double down on 11.

Mets 4, Rockies 0

I thought there’d be nothing but good news. HA! HA FUCKING HA. What a moron I am–to think! Good! News! HA!

Harvey was brilliant. Elite pitching and just enough hitting. We got it again. Lagares is hungry again (but still needs TJ). So is Ruben (na de naaa naa). Murph is benefitting from hitting in front of Cespedes (I’m still in shock that we have him). Is Duda dead? No word.

The Rockies’ starters are looking studly. When you think elite NL pitching, you think of guys like Clayton Kershaw, Matt Harvey, and Chris Rusin. Thanks to bitch ex-Yankee Boone Logan, we were able to win again. He loves walking Grandy. The Rockies really need our boy Adam Ottavino back (where Brooklyn at?) badly.

For no fucking reason whatsoever, the Mets have sent Plawecki down and brought Recker up. Welcome back to the 24 man roster, Metsblow nation. What the fuck are they doing? When I heard the news, I thought for sure it was due to injury. But apparently it’s reps. YAAAAY reps.

In the pennant race: Greinke is mowing down the Nats. Fuck ’em. And fuck the full report, I don’t give a shit, I ain’t staying up. Go to you bums. **UPDATE: Well, I’m still awake, whatever, fuck y’all. Nats lose. Shut out by Greinke. FUCK EM. Mets are 2.5 up.

Happy #HarveyDay and Duda’s Dead

Just some minor stiffness
Just some minor stiffness

Mets 4, Rockies 2

Niese was brilliant (again!). Other than a retarded pitch to the elite CarGo (duhhh he hit a dinger), Niese was excellent. So was the pen. Elite pitching and enough hitting got us the W. And that’s the kind of win we’ve been looking for all season. Hell, it was even a comeback victory. The Comeback Kids!

Reyes got a nice ovation. He then got another ovation when he was caught stealing. He also let the game winning single from Murph go under his glove. It probably would’ve scored 1 anyway, but with the range he had in his prime (or with Tulo still at short), I think that play goes differently.

d’Arnaud hit a dinger. Nice to see him swinging a good bat again. Hopefully he can stay healthy. PRAY PRAY PRAY.

Moving forward…

They say Wright will be back. They say Matz will be back. Well here’s the real news: Duda is dead! Back stiffness, they say. Just a scratch, they say. Spinal stenosis, guaranteed. Happy #HarveyDay! Elite pitching and enough hitting.

Meanwhile, in the pennant race, the Nats go up against Greinke and Kershaw today and tomorrow. I don’t know how the fuck the Nats lost 2 out of 3 at home to the Rockies, but the Mets cannot make the same miscalculations. The Nats really blow to lose to the doody Rockies. That’s AWFUL. We’ve got Harvey, deGrom, and Thor lined up here. Their best pitcher already pitched yesterday. Must win, win, win.

Sweep. Freakin’ Sweep.

Mets 8, Marlins 6

25-8 on the series. It waaaas 25-2, but a 5-run 9th inning (O’Flaherty must still be Team Braves, and Robles goes from hot to cold almost every batter) kept the series from being a complete joke. Let’s brush past that. Let’s be optimistic because my mom told me to enjoy the “new and improved” team and not wait for the other shoe to drop. It didn’t drop. Not tonight, at least. We’re fucking rolling. Harvey finally gets run support and gets over his Miami troubles (without Stanton in the lineup, of course). 7 IP, 0 R, 2 H. Ho-hum. 

And we’re scoring! In bunches! Cespedes is obviously the best player we’ve seen ever ever ever, but let’s not forget the additions of Conforto, Jelly, and Uribe. Conforto hit a crucial sac fly today when the game was still young,  and Uribe hit a 3-run BLAAAST (a billion feet) to make it a 7-0 game. Hooray for talented hitters. Hoo-fucking-ray.

Tomorrow is an off day. It’s also Wilmer “No More Tears by Johnson & Johnson” Flores’ 24th birthday. He’s still just a boy. He’s got a lil time to develop. Put Jelly at 2nd (especially against righties) and all of a sudden, Flores can start games in better environments where he can flourish. Depth!! Deeeppptthh!!

Preblow: Matz!

After scoring 1 run for Harvey, I predict the Mets will SURGE and get 2 runs for Matz in his ML debut.

“2?! They got the new kid 2?!” -Harvey to deGrom in the locker room. 

First, they will finish last night’s suspended game (due to rain and due to nobody wanting to watch anymore). 

Happy Recap: Harvey Is Da Best

Mets 4, Nats 0

Welp, that went exactly as expected. Neither team could hit for shit against two of the best in the biz.

Thankfully, the Mets got 1 off of Scherzer and his weird ass face. Cuddy hit a dinger. New fences! 

Harvey, seeing as how he reads Metsblow, knew he had to put up zeroes, and he did. 

Flores made another error ladeeda. Harvey bore down and got around it.

The Mets got 3 insurance runs off the Nats’ pen in the 8th, thanks to Werth falling down in left with the bases loaded. To Murph and the Mets’ credit, even if Werth caught the ball, it would’ve been a sac fly. Insurance runs. Wow. Who’d a thunk it? 

Now we have to win the series. Uh-oh. 

Preblow: Biggest Game of the Season

Happy #HarveyDay

It’s no exaggeration; it’s the biggest game of the season. Harvey has to throw a CGSO if he expects to win. Nuff said.

Collins sounds defeated in the pressers, and rightly so. We’re playing as expected, meaning we can’t hit for shit. To challenge this, Herrera has been brought up to play 2B and Murph has been shifted to 3B. This, of course, is also to break up the worst defensive middle infield in franchise (and all of MLB?) history. 

Ok, it’s not the worst in history, but I bet it IS the worst when you add the fact that the Jewpons tried to sell us on it. What I mean is, there have been worse M-IFs before, but the owner(s) and GM(s) have said, “hey we know it’s trouble but this is all we can do for the time being.” This is the worst one in history where the top brass has had the audacity to say, “these are our guys!” So tell me, does that make our top brass retarded for believing that or retarded for believing that we’d buy into that? 

Biggest game of the season. We need a dark knight.