Mets Win Game; Inexplicably Send Plawecki Down

Always double down on 11.
Always double down on 11.

Mets 4, Rockies 0

I thought there’d be nothing but good news. HA! HA FUCKING HA. What a moron I am–to think! Good! News! HA!

Harvey was brilliant. Elite pitching and just enough hitting. We got it again. Lagares is hungry again (but still needs TJ). So is Ruben (na de naaa naa). Murph is benefitting from hitting in front of Cespedes (I’m still in shock that we have him). Is Duda dead? No word.

The Rockies’ starters are looking studly. When you think elite NL pitching, you think of guys like Clayton Kershaw, Matt Harvey, and Chris Rusin. Thanks to bitch ex-Yankee Boone Logan, we were able to win again. He loves walking Grandy. The Rockies really need our boy Adam Ottavino back (where Brooklyn at?) badly.

For no fucking reason whatsoever, the Mets have sent Plawecki down and brought Recker up. Welcome back to the 24 man roster, Metsblow nation. What the fuck are they doing? When I heard the news, I thought for sure it was due to injury. But apparently it’s reps. YAAAAY reps.

In the pennant race: Greinke is mowing down the Nats. Fuck ’em. And fuck the full report, I don’t give a shit, I ain’t staying up. Go to you bums. **UPDATE: Well, I’m still awake, whatever, fuck y’all. Nats lose. Shut out by Greinke. FUCK EM. Mets are 2.5 up.

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