Move On, Get Tough

Game 3 tonight at 8:37 (don’t tune in early for the bullshit commercials…stick to SNY, if ya gotta have the TV on).

Pray pray pray. Pray for Tejada, pray for Flores, pray for Reynolds. Pray for the Mets and pray for their health.

Pray the umps take their hollywood pageantry out of the game for once? Sure, but we’ve moved on. Now comes the biggest game since nlcs game 7 in 2006. Oops.

Hey, it’s HarveyDay. Couldn’t be more jacked up. Biggest game ever by far. Get tough. We’ve shown resiliency all season–both in games and in between games. That stems from elite starting pitching. And that’s what we need more than ever, now. Let’s go. 

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