Sweep. Freakin’ Sweep.

Mets 8, Marlins 6

25-8 on the series. It waaaas 25-2, but a 5-run 9th inning (O’Flaherty must still be Team Braves, and Robles goes from hot to cold almost every batter) kept the series from being a complete joke. Let’s brush past that. Let’s be optimistic because my mom told me to enjoy the “new and improved” team and not wait for the other shoe to drop. It didn’t drop. Not tonight, at least. We’re fucking rolling. Harvey finally gets run support and gets over his Miami troubles (without Stanton in the lineup, of course). 7 IP, 0 R, 2 H. Ho-hum. 

And we’re scoring! In bunches! Cespedes is obviously the best player we’ve seen ever ever ever, but let’s not forget the additions of Conforto, Jelly, and Uribe. Conforto hit a crucial sac fly today when the game was still young,  and Uribe hit a 3-run BLAAAST (a billion feet) to make it a 7-0 game. Hooray for talented hitters. Hoo-fucking-ray.

Tomorrow is an off day. It’s also Wilmer “No More Tears by Johnson & Johnson” Flores’ 24th birthday. He’s still just a boy. He’s got a lil time to develop. Put Jelly at 2nd (especially against righties) and all of a sudden, Flores can start games in better environments where he can flourish. Depth!! Deeeppptthh!!

2 thoughts on “Sweep. Freakin’ Sweep.

  1. arturothebull says:

    Murphy caught napping in the field on Gordon grounder and almost run over by Cespedis on the bases (Cespedis can actually tell when belted batted balls will fall in). Man is it great to watch baseball played right. Maybe Murphy will learn.

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