Preblow: Biggest Game of the Season

Happy #HarveyDay

It’s no exaggeration; it’s the biggest game of the season. Harvey has to throw a CGSO if he expects to win. Nuff said.

Collins sounds defeated in the pressers, and rightly so. We’re playing as expected, meaning we can’t hit for shit. To challenge this, Herrera has been brought up to play 2B and Murph has been shifted to 3B. This, of course, is also to break up the worst defensive middle infield in franchise (and all of MLB?) history. 

Ok, it’s not the worst in history, but I bet it IS the worst when you add the fact that the Jewpons tried to sell us on it. What I mean is, there have been worse M-IFs before, but the owner(s) and GM(s) have said, “hey we know it’s trouble but this is all we can do for the time being.” This is the worst one in history where the top brass has had the audacity to say, “these are our guys!” So tell me, does that make our top brass retarded for believing that or retarded for believing that we’d buy into that? 

Biggest game of the season. We need a dark knight. 

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