Familia is dead. Miss him miss him miss him. Blood clot. Wow. Dillon Gee had it and missed a season. Just take him out back and shoot him. It’s in his punching shoulder, too, so his wife should be ok.

Ban pros from joining the WBC. Ban pros from going within 100yds of Ray Ramirez. Ban any press or speech suggesting that the Mets will ever have a healthy, normal, exciting, fun season. 

Familia Lighting It Up…Grrrreeeeeaat

Familia pumped up after a meaningless win. Also, watermarks can suck it. Photo by Metsblow 😉
Wow, it’s lit! Lit fam! 101 on the (likely bullshit) radar gun. In a game where the Dominicans were up by 7, no less. Way to turn up! Can your wife catch a baseball thrown that fast? Hey, it’s a cultural thing! (Seriously, it’s a cultural thing). 

I guess I’m not too mad about Fam blowing his arm out in March because he’s gonna get suspended anyway. That’ll give him time to recouperate. 

While we’re at it, TC is a fucking moron for bringing in Fam during that WC game while tied. Save situations only, you dingbat. Even I defend Terry when it comes to most shit being the Jewpons’ fault, but for fucks sake, learn to manage the arms, leatherface! 

Familia Beats His Wife…Can You Blame Him?


I can see the Post headline now: Familia beats his familia. Har har. But can you blame him? After that wildcard game performance? I’m surprised he didn’t burn his house down with his whole familia inside. Maybe his wife dressed as Bumgarner for Halloween. Or that guy that hit the dinger. Colin whatever, maybe? I don’t remember his name and I’m not looking it up.

I went to the game and I have no recollection of it or if anything, really. You probably got wind of my selective amnesia as you agonized over when the next Metsblow would come out. I don’t know what’s happened this past month. I know I have $100 on the Injuns to win it all (which I put down as soon as the Mets lost). Oh, and I know the Mets have to pay Yo, but that’s it. It’s just been: Wake up…care just enough to live that I keep breathing and drinking water…try to go to sleep. It’s probably been worse for Familia. And his wife probably has the jimmy legs. Plus, this is all still rumors & gossip…and a police report. 

Matz Out, Fam Burnt, Oh and We Won



Matz out for season cuz we can’t ever have 1 good day. I laughed out loud when they said earlier in the week that he’d be back.

Can’t wait for Terry to run Fam out today in the 7th. Maybe he should just put a chainsaw to his arm. That’d be quicker.

Love Jose. Love Dru. Hate meaningful September. We’ve been bad all year and don’t really deserve this shot. But it sure is nice to see the boys fight. They want it, and that’s great. Just keep the bleach handy while you’re watching.


How The Fuck Did He Escape?

“He” meaning Familia aka Andy.

Jesus Fam. Get it together, Grouch. You’re lucky we “have the Cubs’ number” because you had NO BUSINESS saving that game. Good thing they were hacking or you would’ve walked everybody.

Bless the infield. Reyes with the gun. Walker with the turn. Loney with the scoop. Flores/Wright, Murph, and Duda go 0 for 3 on the execution of the game-ending DP.

Bless Rivera. Everyone makes mistakes. But he’s earned his playing time. Everyone likes throwing with him.

Once again, we beat Arrieta. Sort of. I’ll take it. Whatever. Mets blow.

Are We Back?

Are we back? Just as Joe Buck is saying what a terrible move it was to let Murph walk, Walker hits a two run dinger off of Arrieta. You did it again, Joe. 

Colon dazzled. He took advantage of an amorphic strike zone. It was beautiful. Reed with a strong hold and Fam with a 1-2-3 save.

I’m going to the game today. Get your brooms out!

We’re NOT Falling Apart

Redemption for Matt! Redemption for Jeurys! 

Hats off to Rene Rivera for taking charge behind the plate. Plawecki’s not hitting. TDA is dead. Rivera’s skills as a defenseman and game manager make him #1 in my current depth chart. 

We’re not hitting. Without Cespedes, we’d be under .500 but hey we got him so it’s all good. Neil Walk-Year hit a solo dinger and we won 1-0, thanks to bounce-back performances by Harvey and Familia. They’re not all the way back, but this was a promising first step. If Harvey is the Dark Knight again, and Familia is the closer we know he can be, we’re back on pace for 100 wins. 

It’d be nice to see more hitting–situational hitting, bunting, keeping the line moving, etc. Let’s see if Loney can provide that for us. 

We’re Falling Apart

Soooooo we could’ve easily swept this series, huh? And instead, we lose ANOTHER home series?

Say it ain’t so, Jeurys. You are the CORE of this team!! Granted, it was another NON-SAVE situation (cough Terry cough cough) but you gotta get fired up. We had a chance to win on a day that Kershaw pitched. You can’t let that slip, especially a day after we were cheated out of a win by an umpire who is hopefully in jail. Has he refunded everyone’s ticket yet?

Wake the fuck up, Mets. It’s a long season. Familia’s ERA is over 4, the bullpen had an ERA over 9 for this series, and we’re STILL NOT HITTING. 

Flores came back just in time to go 0-3 (though it was Kershaw so whatever). 

Oh and by the way, Wright is likely headed to the DL. Shocker! 

Happy Memorial Day. Happy Harvey Day. We suck again. 

In a Non-Save Sitch, Terry?!

Grandy walks it off.


You don’t bring your closer in when you have a big enough lead that you don’t need him. End of story. Non-save situation ONLY if it’s tied or you’re losing and need to hold them. Never with a 4 run lead. Never ever. It was Wagner’s kryptonite. Fuck Collins. Jeurys Oy Vey I think he’ll be fine but oy vey.

Vote Familia

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For me, the x-factor is that he stepped into this role without warning (Mejia’s injury and then suspension), and even more importantly, he is asked to throw 4 or even 5 out saves regularly.

Fuck Kershaw. Fuck Tulo. Vote Familia.

Also, have you seen the ASG roster? Did you know there are 7 former Mets position players or players the Mets easily could’ve acquired in the offseason playing? 7! If we had only gotten 1, imagine how much more prolific our offense would be. Maverick!