We’re Falling Apart

Soooooo we could’ve easily swept this series, huh? And instead, we lose ANOTHER home series?

Say it ain’t so, Jeurys. You are the CORE of this team!! Granted, it was another NON-SAVE situation (cough Terry cough cough) but you gotta get fired up. We had a chance to win on a day that Kershaw pitched. You can’t let that slip, especially a day after we were cheated out of a win by an umpire who is hopefully in jail. Has he refunded everyone’s ticket yet?

Wake the fuck up, Mets. It’s a long season. Familia’s ERA is over 4, the bullpen had an ERA over 9 for this series, and we’re STILL NOT HITTING. 

Flores came back just in time to go 0-3 (though it was Kershaw so whatever). 

Oh and by the way, Wright is likely headed to the DL. Shocker! 

Happy Memorial Day. Happy Harvey Day. We suck again. 

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