In a Non-Save Sitch, Terry?!

Grandy walks it off.


You don’t bring your closer in when you have a big enough lead that you don’t need him. End of story. Non-save situation ONLY if it’s tied or you’re losing and need to hold them. Never with a 4 run lead. Never ever. It was Wagner’s kryptonite. Fuck Collins. Jeurys Oy Vey I think he’ll be fine but oy vey.

Curtis Granderson’s Knee Injury

Curtis Granderson left today’s preseason game after being hit on the knee with a fastball from Lance Lynn. Granderson went to first base, finished the inning, but left the game after the inning was over. He gave a thumbs up as he walked (re: hobbled) off the field.

1) He’s dead. His knee exploded. He’s out forever. Looks like Captain Kirk is going in.

2) Gamesmanship from the Cardinals as usual. Time to fight fire with fire. I hope Matt Harvey blasts Matt Holliday in the face. Get tough, Mets. This is what the Cardinals do. This is what the winners do.

P.S. There’s only one other option to fighting fire with fire, and that’s fighting fire with water. The Cards went Cobra Kai and swept the leg (or knee, rather). Well, I’m not sure if Grandy can bat while assuming the Crane position, but that would be something.