Familia Lighting It Up…Grrrreeeeeaat

Familia pumped up after a meaningless win. Also, watermarks can suck it. Photo by Metsblow 😉
Wow, it’s lit! Lit fam! 101 on the (likely bullshit) radar gun. In a game where the Dominicans were up by 7, no less. Way to turn up! Can your wife catch a baseball thrown that fast? Hey, it’s a cultural thing! (Seriously, it’s a cultural thing). 

I guess I’m not too mad about Fam blowing his arm out in March because he’s gonna get suspended anyway. That’ll give him time to recouperate. 

While we’re at it, TC is a fucking moron for bringing in Fam during that WC game while tied. Save situations only, you dingbat. Even I defend Terry when it comes to most shit being the Jewpons’ fault, but for fucks sake, learn to manage the arms, leatherface! 

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