Did Dru Wake the Team Up?

“I’m outta here!”

Well this is something. First and foremost, FUUUUCK this team. Everyone wants out. Who would want to work for the Wilpons? Dru’s just saying what everyone’s thinking. 

Collins couldn’t wake the team up. Dru did. Thank you, Dru. Thank you for publicly humiliating everyone. It’s just what the team needs. 

The truth is that the Giants’ pitching is atrocious–almost as bad as ours–and that’s why we won last night. But I’m glad to see a player publicly complaining about how much the Mets blow, particularly the ownership/front office. I mean for fucks sake we’ve got Montero (yes, THAT Montero) starting on Sunday!! How could you NOT want off this team?? 

Matz Out, Fam Burnt, Oh and We Won



Matz out for season cuz we can’t ever have 1 good day. I laughed out loud when they said earlier in the week that he’d be back.

Can’t wait for Terry to run Fam out today in the 7th. Maybe he should just put a chainsaw to his arm. That’d be quicker.

Love Jose. Love Dru. Hate meaningful September. We’ve been bad all year and don’t really deserve this shot. But it sure is nice to see the boys fight. They want it, and that’s great. Just keep the bleach handy while you’re watching.


Cabrera is Dead

Cabrera is dead and apparently blunted out as well. 

Cabrera made a good, heady play yesterday, tagging up from 1st on a long flyout off of Yo’s bat. Except, Cabrera pulled up limp. He winced, he walked off the field, and then he died.

The fans were given the Reyes treatment, too. Asdrubal’s status quickly went from: He’ll be back tomorrow to he’ll be back in two days to he’s going to NY for further testing to torn patella.

Good thing Tejada hit a dinger right away! What power! All is well. Remain calm. All is well! Once Wright goes down, Tejada will be our longest tenured Met. Wow. I can’t believe we thought we’d have a major league shortstop this year. Light your candles for Asdrubal.