Familia Beats His Wife…Can You Blame Him?


I can see the Post headline now: Familia beats his familia. Har har. But can you blame him? After that wildcard game performance? I’m surprised he didn’t burn his house down with his whole familia inside. Maybe his wife dressed as Bumgarner for Halloween. Or that guy that hit the dinger. Colin whatever, maybe? I don’t remember his name and I’m not looking it up.

I went to the game and I have no recollection of it or if anything, really. You probably got wind of my selective amnesia as you agonized over when the next Metsblow would come out. I don’t know what’s happened this past month. I know I have $100 on the Injuns to win it all (which I put down as soon as the Mets lost). Oh, and I know the Mets have to pay Yo, but that’s it. It’s just been: Wake up…care just enough to live that I keep breathing and drinking water…try to go to sleep. It’s probably been worse for Familia. And his wife probably has the jimmy legs. Plus, this is all still rumors & gossip…and a police report. 

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