Stop Making Excuses

Derrrr, what should we do? Hire Wally Backman, mayhaps?

You wanna say we’re hurt? Too crowded? FULL! We’re full! Fuck all this shit. My diagnosis is bad babysitting. Bad baseball. Nobody knows what the fuck they’re doing. Yo hurt. Harvey hurt. Wheeler dead. It doesn’t matter. We suck. The games are fucking terrible to watch. Colon let up a run in the 1st and the game was over. That’s all there is to it.

I don’t understand how you dumb shit bloggers and fans can possibly do the retarded things you do like “scoreboard watching” or making excuses or whatever shit you do. Do you know anything about baseball? Watch the fucking games. Look at the god damn batting averages. We had fucking James Loney batting cleanup yesterday. That’s retarded. We never stood a chance. And I like Loney, too. It’s not a knock on him. We’re behind the Marlins for fucks sake. Stop acting like you know what you’re talking about and stop making excuses. Fuck you, Matt Cerrone. Do you even watch the games? Mets blow.

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