Quick Thoughts on Piazza

Hard to think too much about it what with Cespedes being dead, Cabrera being dead, and our prayers unanswered. But here are some quick thoughts:

~The Wilpons getting booed was the unequivocal highlight.

~Piazza was classy. Especially during his victory lap in the golf kart.

~For me, it was bittersweet when we signed Piazza because Hundley was my favorite player. I knew it was worth it, though.

~We didn’t stand a chance against the Braves and only got to the WS in 2000 thanks to the Cards bumping them off. We didn’t stand a chance against the Yankees, even without the rigging. Clemens should’ve been ejected.

~I was at game 5 in 2000. Even though Piazza flying out was a “lowlight” of sorts, he put a charge into it. He almost got to Mo there. It sucks that Piazza made the last out, but we never had a chance. He was great. Truly the best. That team overachieved and he was the star. 7 year contract for Cespedes. Yo! 

~The fans were great. We never have nice things!! Ever!! Piazza’s the first fucking Mets everyday player that has ever had his number retired! I’m glad we gave it the ceremony it deserved. 

~Piazza loves Jesus. The lesson is to pray. 

One moooore thing on Piazza/HOF

Mike Piazza wasn’t elected to the hall of fame despite having no official ties to steroids. 1) He’ll get in next year. 2) People that didn’t vote for him (such as Daily News scum writer Bill Douche Madden) said things like, “I have suspicions” that Piazza did steroids. That means he chose to follow the notion of, “GUILTY until proven INNOCENT.” His citizenship should be revoked.

Please remember what it means to be an American. Remember the beauty of this country’s constitution and it’s laws and remember that if we actually practiced what we preached, we’d be the most progressive, peaceful, productive country in the known universe.

Bill Douche Madden – the daily news is pure fucking trash and you should be exiled from the country for your angry-mob-like bastardization of our laws.

Hall of Fameblow: Piazza not elected (this time)

Piazza barely missed. He’ll get in next year. He deserves it. I have no idea what’s keeping him out. He’s not on the Mitchell Report. “Guilty until proven innocent” is all too common in this country.

Fuck the hall of fame. It’s all bullshit, anyway. Whatever. Don’t worry Mike, you’ll get in. Hopefully next year.

P.S. Happy for Pedro 🙂