deGrom is deBest. We know this. It’s more than just the actual performances on the mound, including yesterday’s CG 1-hit shutout. It’s also the fact that he opted out of the ASG to rest up. It’s also the fact that he’s so cool, calm, and collected–and therefore respected. That’s not to say he lacks a joie de vivre–far from it–but it’s just that he’s focused. He’s deBest.

But fuck all this. My softball team went 3-0 this weekend and the Mets should’ve, too. Game 2 was atrocious. No situational hitting. It’s just pathetic. There are a lot of questions up in the air now. Here’s how they should be answered and here’s how the Mets will likely answer them.

1) Conforto back up/Nimmo down. They should play Conforto in RF when they can and help Cespedes heal his legs by keeping him in left and Lagares in center. Cespedes even openly stated he would prefer this. Terry will probably botch all of this and start de Aza.

2) The situational hitting is atrocious. Bunt drills. Sac fly drills. Drills drills drills. Come early. Stay late. The ’86 Mets never went home after a game. The team stayed to watch film and drill or hit the weight room. Everyone will go home. They’re not being paid enough to stay late and Terry’s a “players’ manager” but really he’s just a pushover.

3) As a result of being out and about a lot this weekend, I listened to a lot of Mets baseball on the radio. Josh Jewin should be shot, or at least fired…out of a cannon. He’s fucking dogshit. The Jewpons and the conservative monsters at 710 WOR will likely promote Jewin and fire Howie Rose. Rose was not present this weekend, leaving Wayne to fill in for him. Wayne might be even worse than Josh.  

4) The Jewpons jewed out on Gourriel, who got signed by the Astros. It would be more odious and shocking if I wasn’t already so accustomed to their hard J ways. Nobody thought we’d get them. The part that pisses me off is when I see reports that the Mets were interested. Keep spinning it, PR team! We were toooootally interested.


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