You Wanna Talk About Same Ol’ Mets?

Asdrubal got a hit with a runner in scoring position. Brand new Mets!


~Reyes is dead. Same ol’ Mets. Maybe Flores gets some playing time? Derrrp Terry. 

~No run support for their ace(s). Same ol’ Mets. Managed to squeak out a win because our pitching is that nasty.

~Left a billion runners on. Same ol’ Mets.

So why the fuck was Reyes held? Reyes, who was on 1st before he died, was held at 3rd on a Cespedes (who else?!) double. Timmy! Timmaaaaayy! Send him you freakin’ mook. Two outs. We ain’t gettin another opportunity. And that was the game. 

We should’ve won both. Same ol’ Mets.

You know why the Cardinals are so good all the time? You know why they’re never out? Ownership. It’s not just the major league team. It’s the whole fucking organization. Fuck the Wilpons.

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