deGrom Should Play SS

Tejada is the starting SS today. 

Legit proposition: deGrom should play SS when he’s not pitching, so long as Flores remains injured. He’s day-to-day, so we’ll see him next decade. 

deGrom is a better hitter than Tejada, and they say a better fielder as well. deGrom came up as a shortstop. 

Nothing is more out of favor than pitchers doing non-pitcher things. They have such quirky and superstitious routines. It was even criticized when they’d bring out Glavine to bunt on non-pitching days, even when he was clearly the best pinch-bunt option. 

Favor be damned. Trend ends here. deGrom is the best SS we have right now. 

Flores hurt in first exhibition game

Wilmer Flores, our starting shortstop, left today’s game (the first exhibition game of the year) after being hit by a pitch in the wrist.

We didn’t sign anyone despite the clear black hole at SS because the Mets were comfortable with Flores. I said in multiple articles that EVEN IF FLORES IS GOOD (unproven), you still need to sign someone as a contingency plan. Spend money? Yeah, right. It’s all good! 

And Flores is now hurt. Without finishing 1 game.



Tejada? Reynolds? A shortstop that costs more than nothing? No chance for the third option.


All this laughing is hurting my obliques. Hey Duda! Metsblow. 

Metsblog Goes Full Retard; Lauds Alderson For Standing Pat at SS

Brian P. Mangan, come on down!! You’re the next contest on, “Who Wants to Be the Next Lapdog Bitch for the Wilpons?!”

What a schmuck you are, dude. Go fuck yourself. No Rusney Castillo? No Kang? No Cabrera for barely any money that even these Jews can open their purses for? No anybody? So if Murph gets hurt it’s Flores + Tejada up the middle?

Fuck you, Brian. Fuck you, Metsblog. I hope the Wilpons gave you a second helping of mush for this one.

Alderson/Flores on SS

Alderson gave Cal Ripken award and said something like, “Mets fans have been waiting for me to introduce a shortstop.” Yeah that’s all in good fun until you realize that you’re a MULTI-MILLIONAIRE getting paid by BILLIONAIRES. Quit joking around and do your fucking job.

Flores, not liking all the SS buzz in Metsland, said something like, “I know what I can do, man. I know what I can do.” So do we Wilmer, so do we.

Mets could have had Desmond

The Mets balked out of a trade that involved:

-Desmond to Mets
-Zobrist/Escobar to Nats
-Syndergaard + ?? to Rays

So obviously it comes down to the unnamed player. If it was deGrom, then I understand not pulling the trigger. Jacob is not to be traded. But what if it was Montero? Or Matz? I think this is just the cheap fuck Wilpons clinging to their measly penny-costing prospects.

“Why would we want a guy who hits 20 dingers and 90 RBIs when we can have a minor leaguer instead?” -Alderson

Why Alderson didn’t acquire a shortstop

The paid lackeys over at Metsblog and in the baseball blogosphere will tell you:
-Castro unavailable
-Tulo unavailable
-Flores will rake
-Everyone wanted deGrom, Wheeler, and/or Thor
-bullshit bullshit bullshit

The truth is:
The Wilpons are cheap Jew snakes that don’t care about winning. The end.

Here’s to hoping that Flores rakes (aka hits .250 thereby making him the 2nd best hitter on the team).