Mets Win Hungover

That ain’t gatorade

I went to Saturday’s game. Awful, awful game. But the Grandy fireworks were spectacular. Almost made up for the fact that they struggled so much against the doodoo Twins. I also didn’t get a deGrom hair hat but arrived in time to let everyone know that Jacob needs surgery. Great day for deGrom day!

But what was nice was that the Mets definitely parties their faces off after the extra innings win. Yo and Grandy were probably neck deep in “it.” Cespedes had to leave the day game with a massive hangover. That’s pretty funny. He’s fine. He’s fine. Don’t panic. Stop panicking! 

Also Ynoa (sounds kinda like Noah) looked like Noah and Conforto looked like pre-Bumgarner Conforto. So there’s that. Good sweep, even though it was a struggle. Interleague is tough, I guess. Facing the unknown is tough. In September, you face guys hungry for jobs. But we took care of business (eventually) and now let’s do the same against Notlanta.

Clap For Concession

“Max Scherzer against the Mets? No thanks, we’ll save him for a real team.” -Dusty Baker

2 out of 3 against a team giving it away? Hoo-fucking-ray. Thanks for conceding the series. Thanks for rigging it. I guess the Mets are supposed to get in? Grrrrrreat.

Nice oppo dinger, Bruce. Nice baserunning, too. Nice slide.

Grandy cleanup, huh?! Well someone half-decent has to back up Yo. It makes sense. His anomalous RISP numbers aren’t gonna even out all the way this season, but it’s nice to see.

Shoutout to “Mr. Consistency” Addy Reed. 

ESPN is truly unwatchable. I’d rather watch the Cellino & Barnes ad on repeat during SNY commercial breaks than the shit they hock on ESPN. The announcers are fucking dreadful. Michael Kay bad. To Rosenthal and Verdouchey and the rest of those mooks: Fuck you. 

Jet Laaaaaag

Well, I called it. The Mets (other than Grandy) looked like absolute shit. Dog tired and spaced out.

However, there’s good news, as it only lasted them about 7 innings or so. They weren’t no-hit, or even shutout by the end of it. I think they shook it off too little too late for that game, but in time for tonight. 

San Diego also has some kind of Mets kryptonite, huh? We have the worst record of any team in Petco, and let’s not forget what SD did to us last season in that fateful thunderstorm. 

Sidenote: Ron Darling once struck out Tony Gwynn 3 times in 1 game. Now THAT’s kryptonite.

Other sidenote: Apparently Tony Gwynn, despite being an incredible athlete, was not a natural in the outfield. He trained countless hours at it and rose from what the scouts called “sub par D” to a gold glove winner. Now that is some inspiring shit. Alright, time to move 3 feet from my computer to my TV to watch this game. That should cover my exercise for the day. 

1 Down, 10 to Go

Mets 3, Dodgers 1

deGrom. Yes. We already knew it. Now the world knows it. Everyone’s watching, and everyone’s talking, so I just want to make 1 point that I haven’t seen someone else write: 

Curtis Granderson is (also) the hero of last night’s game. He is (also) the team mvp for the season. Last night, with a 1-2 count, Grandy worked a walk to load the bases. DW hit the big single in the next AB. Grandy did this against the toughest lefty (besides Matz) and he’s been doing this all year. He quietly put together an incredible year and he did it again last night. In fact, he was all over Kershaw all game. Grandy. Boom. 

1 down, 10 to go.