Clap For Concession

“Max Scherzer against the Mets? No thanks, we’ll save him for a real team.” -Dusty Baker

2 out of 3 against a team giving it away? Hoo-fucking-ray. Thanks for conceding the series. Thanks for rigging it. I guess the Mets are supposed to get in? Grrrrrreat.

Nice oppo dinger, Bruce. Nice baserunning, too. Nice slide.

Grandy cleanup, huh?! Well someone half-decent has to back up Yo. It makes sense. His anomalous RISP numbers aren’t gonna even out all the way this season, but it’s nice to see.

Shoutout to “Mr. Consistency” Addy Reed. 

ESPN is truly unwatchable. I’d rather watch the Cellino & Barnes ad on repeat during SNY commercial breaks than the shit they hock on ESPN. The announcers are fucking dreadful. Michael Kay bad. To Rosenthal and Verdouchey and the rest of those mooks: Fuck you. 

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