Clap For Concession

“Max Scherzer against the Mets? No thanks, we’ll save him for a real team.” -Dusty Baker

2 out of 3 against a team giving it away? Hoo-fucking-ray. Thanks for conceding the series. Thanks for rigging it. I guess the Mets are supposed to get in? Grrrrrreat.

Nice oppo dinger, Bruce. Nice baserunning, too. Nice slide.

Grandy cleanup, huh?! Well someone half-decent has to back up Yo. It makes sense. His anomalous RISP numbers aren’t gonna even out all the way this season, but it’s nice to see.

Shoutout to “Mr. Consistency” Addy Reed. 

ESPN is truly unwatchable. I’d rather watch the Cellino & Barnes ad on repeat during SNY commercial breaks than the shit they hock on ESPN. The announcers are fucking dreadful. Michael Kay bad. To Rosenthal and Verdouchey and the rest of those mooks: Fuck you. 

The Worst Loss Yet Against the Braves?

Maybe we come back and win the next 3? Not as bad as the Matz early-hook on Saturday? Is Cespedes back in the lineup today?

We’ll see how things shake up. But this game comes down to Reed throwing an 0-2 cookie and blowing it hard.

Now, lots of fagoat reporters and bloggers and radio jockeys are talking about how Reed has been good and how he just missed with this pitch. NO!!! Leave it to these mooks to get it wrong as usual. 

The plan was NOT to throw it in the dirt. Therefore, the plan was wrong. Oh what you’re worried about a wild pitch? No, you fucking morons!! It’s PLANNED. A catcher can field a fucking ground ball. You practice the pitch in the dirt. Throwing an 0-2 pitch anywhere near the strike zone (and yes, despite the “miss,” the plan was for it to slide just outside) should result in your locker being burned.

This is something that Terry should have nipped in the bud a long time ago. During simulated games and spring training and whatnot, any pitcher who throws an 0-2 pitch near the strikezone should have been forced to throw BP to Cespedes. A round of your pitches being teed the fuck off might help you remember. Also, all your ham sandwiches would be smacked to the ground.

Horrible call. Horrible coaching. Someone teach these guys how to play baseball. For the love of god, I hope none of them read or listen to any other Mets analysis except for me and GKR. There sure are a lot of retards out there, including ones in the dugout and on the field.