Dillon Gee and the 5.5-Man Rotation

I'll get to your texts in a minute, Matt. First, let me opine about Dillon Gee.
I’ll get to your texts in a minute, Matt. First, let me opine about Dillon Gee.

“I just don’t even care anymore.” Fucking gold! You, sir, belong on Metsblow.

That quote should be up there with Joe Namath’s, “I couldn’t care less/I wanna kiss you.” (Link is absolutely necessary).

So, shouldn’t all the Mets coaches and staff be fired for this shit? “6-man! 5-man! Whatever! We don’t know what we’re doing!”

Once again, the mission statement of Metsblow breezes on: We here at Metsblow believe that just by sitting back and letting the Mets do their thing–from the players to the coaches to the front office etc.–all the articles will come naturally. No spinning is required. No hyperbole is required. Just sit back and let the Mets write the articles by themselves. Metsblow.

Preblow: Golly Gee

Pitcher or Metallica front-man?
Pitcher or Metallica front-man?

Today, the Mets look to win the rubber game at Petco. Dillon Gee takes the hill for the first time since his “injury,” and the Mets will get a glimpse of how this whole 6-man rotation is working out.

Gee is winless on the season (mostly due to a lack of run support). The Mets are opposed by James Shields, who is undefeated. Bruh-oh.

Gee, who hit the DL with a case of the “Sandy Alderson doesn’t know what to do with a surplus of talent,” claimed he was “wasting bullets” in his AAA rehab assignment. I tell my girlfriend the same thing when she wants me to pull out.

As I advised during Spring Training, this is Gee’s shot to get the fuck off this awful team! You could be on the Cubs, or even the Yankees, in a few short weeks if you pitch well. Good luck, Godspeed, Go Gee.

Happy Recap: Redemption Is Spelled D-A-N

Mets 3, Marlins 1

Welp, this game was Keith Hernandez’s dream. 1:58 game time and a Mets win.

Game Balls:

~Murphy, with the 3-run, GW dinger in the 9th. And he flashed his leather (perhaps his pleather) in the bottom of the frame.

~Gee, who pitched brilliantly for 7.2 innings. Ground ball city. He gets the ND because the Mets can’t hit.

~Smallhat Torres, for throwing 1 pitch and getting 1 win. And it wasn’t no joke pitch! He got Stanton to pop out with runners at the corners.

~Familia, for getting the save. He’s in some kinda groove. It all looked so familiar.

Gee Officially Named 5th Starter

Dillon Gee will be the 5th starter. Raphael Montero, despite being lights out in his audition, will start the season in the bullpen (most likely). I assume he’ll be a long reliever, but hey, if Mejia and Familia can’t get it together, and Parnell remains injured, we might see Montero closing soon.

I like this. I like it a lot. You just don’t give the keys to the castle to a young bull. You have to make them claw for it. They have to pay their dues. Let’s see him dominate in relief. Our bullpen has been hurt badly by the losses of Edgin and Black (he’s day-to-day forever). Gee was the incumbent, and has looked sharp in Spring as well. Someone is bound to get hurt. Montero is the first guy there to make a spot start, or even fill in for a long time if someone gets severely hurt (day-to-day) or Gee or someone else gets traded or they want to limit Harvey’s innings, etc.

This is objectively the right move. Let’s make the kid work. It’s a team game, and Montero’s value is highest in the bullpen. He’s going to pitch. He’s going to get lots of opportunities to prove himself. Let’s see if he does.

Advice for Dillon Gee

Dillon Gee is pissed, and rightly so.

He was the Opening Day starter last year, and rightly so, considering Harvey and Niese were injured at the time.

Gee wants to be a starter. Now he is, but only by default. He’s found his way back into the rotation because of Zack Wheeler’s season ending injury.

“It’s tough to feel happy under these circumstances,” Gee told reporters Tuesday. “I hate this is the way I’m back in it.”

Here is my advice: play your way off the team. The Mets don’t want you here. You don’t want to be here. You want to be a starter. The Mets will pen you the minute Matz or Thor is ready (assuming no other injuries, which is admittedly a lofty assumption). Hell, they might even replace you with Montero.

Play your way off the team. You have been overlooked by the Mets. I agree with how you feel. After your oblique injury, you haven’t looked so good. But before it, you were deservedly the Opening Day starter. Get back to that. Earn it. Earn your spot in the rotation of a real team.