Mets Blow; Braves Blow Harder

Conforto definitely does NOT blow. He's the 2nd best bat on the team.
Conforto definitely does NOT blow. He’s the 2nd best bat on the team.

Mets 4, Braves 0

Niese for six, then Reed, Clippard, and Familia to finish it out. That’s a winning formula. That’s good enough. Niese can shut the anemic Braves down. Freeman ain’t so great against lefties, and Niese got him with the bases juiced in the 3rd. That was enough.

But the Mets BLOOOOOW. Murphy’s baserunning BLOOOOWWWS. And his fielding BLOOOOWWSS. Can he just DH and then someone can pinch run for him? Holy fucking hell, his mental mistakes on the basepaths are legendary.

The Mets failed to get Yoenis in from 2nd on multiple occasions. Leadoff doubles be damned, why bother with insurance runs? Play a little bit of small ball, one time. Some situational hitting would be nice. Statistically, the difference in winning percentage when your team is leading by 5 runs instead of 4 is staggering. Granted, both games are likely Ws, but when even a grand slam can’t tie it up, the game is really locked up. Not that anything is over when it comes to the Mets. I didn’t hear no fat lady. But the Mets could’ve easily had a few more runs that game.

Fuck it. The Mets should’ve had 10 runs that game. Shutout hooray, but that should’ve been a blowout. Magic number is now 7. Gotta sweep the Braves at home. They blow so hard.

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