Mets Lose to Pineda (Another Cheater)

Yankees 5, Mets 0

Getting shut out at home blows. Getting shut out at home by a guy whose shoulder is falling off is even worse. How much cheating can the Yankees muster? How are their pitchers–who with any other team would’ve gotten TJ or shoulder surgery, respectively–throwing so well? I hope it burns them so badly. I hope young Pineda and his pine tar filled neck is done at 28. I hope they’re all done. Any other team would be mismanaging these arms, but with the Yankees it’s somehow different. It’s somehow ok because they have magic cheating juice.

Anyway, we got shut out. So there’s not much to say about it. That’s on us. Getting shut out at home is pathetic.

Message to Thor: You can’t throw a 99mph heater past major leaguers like Beltran. You can’t do that 0-2. You have great stuff, but it’s not enough in the Show. Mix it up out there.

Rubber game tonight on another game that won’t be broadcasted by SNY. The FOX announcers were absolutely dogshit yesterday. They said everything you’re legally allowed to say on TV without being branded a full blown racist about Cespedes and his “antics.” They said that CC is having a good year. Ummm…he’s the worst pitcher in the league, maybe? Harvey (for what, 4 innings?) vs CC is our game to win. Wright should feast on him. Everyone should. Then we can have all the Yankee fans change their shirts and call themselves Mets fans the rest of the way through.

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