Should Harvey Pitch Today?

Mets 12, Reds 5

Duda 2 dingers blah blah. Thor great start yada yada.

Let’s get down to business here: The magic number is 1 (Nattitude!). Harvey is on the mound today. Should he be pitching? Of course he should be. We can finish it today and that’s exactly what we should do. Finish it. Don’t let anything crazy happen. Don’t let it go to Philly where hey who knows maybe just maybe but no way but maybe the Phillies are game to spoil our party. Maybe just maybe but no way the Nats step up and start winning but yeah no way.

So, mainly thanks to Nattitude, this hasn’t really been a pennant race. Even so, the people saying we should rest Harvey are retarded. It ain’t over till it’s over. Of course you put Harvey out there today. Close it out today and then you can officially rest everyone for 2 weeks and that should be plenty. Close it out today and we can watch Recker and EY and Soup in the starting lineup for the last games of the season and have a good laugh about it.

Everyone get the fuck off of Harvey’s back. He’s coming off of MAJOR SURGERY. No shit he’s confused. No shit everyone’s confused. The dude is a young beast in the limelight. Give him a fucking break. Across town, they’re lovingly embracing A-Roid as a hero for getting them to the postseason. The Yankee fans may be dumb assholes, but they cheer for winners. Harvey has been a big part of our first winning season in a long time. He’s been a big part of the culture change here. For fucks sake, cut the kid a break. Metsblow Nation knows that all these bullshit problems and media spins are a result of the Jewpons fucking things up and then manipulating the media to point the finger at the players. Don’t be fooled.

2 thoughts on “Should Harvey Pitch Today?

  1. Joe Enright says:

    Pitch Harvey till his arm falls off then trade him – no way he signs with us in ’18. Hey if he wants to look out for his best interests after agreeing to a plan in March that suddenly is no good when he had months to fine tune it, then I say as a fan I don’t need his drama.

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