I Didn’t Watch the Game

The Mets won. I don’t know the score. I saw DeGrom returned to form. As one of my two war room generals put it, let the Reckers of the fan base get this one. Today we rest.

What a glorious rest it was. I probably would’ve ended up watching if I was home, but I had a softball game. We won. Everything’s coming up Milhouse. 

Also, the Dodgers lost. We care. Make your jokes about how we suck at home now, but you want the higher seed. Of course you do. If you take the whole season into account, the Dodgers are GREAT at home and BAD away. The Mets are apparently perfectly capable of winning anywhere, so get the Dodgers the fuck out of Cali. 

4 thoughts on “I Didn’t Watch the Game

  1. Joe Enright says:

    We beat Dodgers whether we get home field or not and lose in 7 to Cards again to honor Yogi (“it’s Deja’s vu all over again”)

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