Wheeler Needs TJ; Mets Showed Little Concern

Zack Wheeler has a torn UCL. He will likely get TJ and miss the season.

Boy, did the Mets pull a Mets on this one. Their lack of honest reporting was bad. Their lack of concern was worse. How often do they underplay injuries, only to have them exacerbated? A stitch in time saves nine.

As far as the rotation is concerned, we might be ok. Gee, Thor, Matz…we’ve got pieces. I’m not saying this doesn’t suck, cuz it totally sucks, but looking at it through the dough-eyed lens of Spring: the rotation is the one area where we have the depth to afford an injury.  

Zack Wheeler Injured Etc.

Just copy & paste my last article and then find & replace “Vic Black” with “Zack Wheeler” and boom, done. Metsblow.

Here’s a new insight I’ve had in the last five minutes as I read the same shit about injuries and downplaying them: When Carlos Beltran got injured, the Mets tried to downplay it. Beltran saw his own doctor for a second opinion, and that doctor said the injury was more severe than what the Jewpons’ doctor said. Then the Mets’ Media and everyone else in the Jewpons’ deep, Ponzi scheme pockets turned Beltran into a pariah. Hmmmm.