Wheeler Looked Great in the 1st inning…OOPS

You know Yo don’t like to be cold

And the countdown to Wheeler’s next injury begins!

Our offensive futility was known. Yo’s dinger would have been 500ft if not for the wind. He’s so ‘trong. He also looks miserable out there. He loves that hot hot heat. I don’t blame him. New York is a shitty, cold town until it’s nice for about a minute and then the summer hits and it smells like hot garbage before getting cold again, just like our bats will be should we return to the playoffs. Playoffs?!

Zack Wheeler’s MRI Results Withheld from Public

It’s amazing how much Metsblow writes itself. Every damn day there’s another mummer’s farce; some new way that the organization trips over itself. “We have the results of Wheeler’s MRI. But oh, we can’t read the results! It’s written in some kind of Sanskrit Pig Latin! Oh well, no biggie. It’s of no concern. Wheeler will be back tomorrow. So will Jose Reyes.” 

Now Wheeler is Getting an MRI

Alderson said he didn’t need one.

Now he’s getting one.

Stop me if this sounds familiar.

Metsblow is your only source for truth! Never believe Alderson or the Jewpon fuckhead Ponzi schemers. All other writings are Wilpon funded Jew bullshit nonsense!! They’re all liars!! Always believe the worst. Always believe Metsblow. Because they really, truly do. 

Don’t worry, Jose Reyes will be back tomorrow. 

Wheeler Talks About the Mets’ Chances in 2015

“We’re young, we’re going to be an exciting team. We’re sort of like the Royals,” Wheeler said. “It’s time. … We’ve got the people here to do it, so why not?”

Yeah, why not?

Well, for starters you won 79 games last year. You’re a LOSING team as of now. PLAYOFFS!? PLAYOFFS!?! Start by getting to .500

Why not?

Well, your owners are cheap Jew fucks.

Why not?

Well, your offense doesn’t score any runs.

Why not?

Well, your best players (on offense, at least) are injury prone and old as fuck.

Why not?

Well, because you’re on the Mets, that’s why not.

“I think it’s going to be a big year for the team and for me,’’ Wheeler said. “If you put goals out there, you are going to go out there and try a little bit harder.”

Agreed. We have a sexy pitching staff (Bartolo “Big Sexy” Colon leading the young studs). Let’s see them excel. Put your jew-gold where your big, playoff talking mouths are. YA GOTTA BELIEVE!