A Little More On Vic Black

You know nothing, Ray Ramirez.
You know nothing, Ray Ramirez.

In the last Blow, I wrote about Vic “Take The” Black and his injury.

To summarize, Vic Black has a herniated disk in his neck and the team said it’s an improvement since his last exam. Metsblowers laughed and said, “Great satire, Mr. Metsblow!”

Here’s the thing: It wasn’t satire. I tried writing that in the last blow but I didn’t get the message across, so let me say it again: IT WAS NOT SATIRE. THE METS ACTUALLY ISSUED THAT STATEMENT.

The Vic Black quote is just another classic example of how Metsblow writes itself. They have a monkey doing PR/damage control. It’s utterly ridiculous. I’ve now read the quote 5 times. It can’t be real, but it is. Vic Black’s neck is about to twist off with a new injury that the Mets have not previously diagnosed, and they’re saying it’s an improvement. Meet the Mets! Meet the Mets! Step right up and greet the Metsblow.

Black Had an MRI on His Shoulder but Don’t Worry! It’s Totally OK!

Vic Black underwent an MRI on his throwing shoulder, the team said.

Sandy Alderson said it was a precautionary scan and Black’s issue is likely shoulder tendinitis.

The MRI showed no structural damage. The Mets are calling it shoulder weakness and Black is listed as day-to-day.

Where have I heard this all before? Hmmmm, oh yeah! David Wright! Captain America! They said he was having shoulder weakness! No big deal! Except that he only hit 8 home runs and had his worst season ever last year, playing with a bad shoulder injury for practically the entire time.

And oh yeah, with Jose Reyes! They said no problem, just day-to-day!

Hey, didn’t I write about Reyes yesterday!? Oh yeah! I did! In regards to the Mets saying Josh Edgin was totally fine and day-to-day! No big deal, except that he’s probably going to have TJ surgery and miss the entire season.

ALL ABOARD THE INJURY EXPRESS! The 7 Train! Straight from Shea Shittyfield to Dr. James Andrews’ beach paradise & rehab facility.

I know everyone gets injured and that’s just sports, but do the Mets get injured more? Maybe. Does the Mets Media lie about it more? Yes. Do the Wilpons skimp on medicine and care costs? Yes.

P.S. I think Shittyfield is a gorgeous park. The only things shitty about it are the name (didn’t we bail your fuckin asses out?) and the team playing on it.