Mets Still Open to Payroll Dump

ESPN reports: Mets Still Open to Trading Dillon Gee

Metsblow lexiconic cybermorphic Jew doublespeak translator reads: Mets Still Open to Payroll Dump.

Even with Wheeler injured, the Mets are still not set with Gee? They’re not set with a guy who pitched Opening Day for them last year? I know normally Opening Day doesn’t matter, but the way the Mets postulate about it, you’d think it’d hold weight.

Gee is good! He’s a great #5! But why have Gee when you can have someone on a minor league contract!

Mets fans, I implore you, get all the joy you can out of watching Harvey and the boys, because there’s no fucking chance this dogshit cheap Jew ownership regime keeps these pitchers around for long.

Metsblog dissects “Payroll Flexibility”

Metsblog took it’s time defining and understanding what the Jewbrass means when they talk about “payroll flexibility.” Thankfully, over here at Metsblow, we know what it means.

Payroll Flexibility: We need to have enough Jew gold in the pouches we wear around our necks so that when the next Ponzi scheme comes along, we can properly invest in it and steal more money from the American taxpayer. Then, when the scheme collapses, we need enough payroll flexibility (re: Jew gold) to pay off the legal system so they decree that we were innocent (albeit ignorant) victims of the hoax.

Payroll Flexibility everyone! Payroll flexibility! Oh by the way, all the shortstops that have been taken this offseason (including the Korean stud Jeong-ho Kang) were signed for next to nothing.

Jew Alert! Jew Alert! Mets players paying out of pocket for offseason workouts?!

Adam Rubin (ESPN New York) and Mets’ strength coach Mike Barwis have apparently confirmed this.

When I read this, I honestly thought I was reading one of my own satire pieces here at Metsblow. I can’t believe it. Is this real? Where am I?

This really is the beauty of Metsblow. The articles write themselves. Thanks Jeffy! Keep doing you, you fucking Jew snake bastard.