The Mets’ Lone Bright Spot — The Booth — Adds Cliff Floyd

Cliff Floyd is doing a great job in the booth with Gary, Keith, and Ron.

Not only is Cliff Floyd a world champion (’97 Marlins), but he also played on the Mets ’06 team.

So we added another world champion to the booth! And we’ve got some totally rad and family-friendly concerts lined up for the summer! Great job, Mets!

…Can we think about that ’06 team for just a second? Cliff Floyd hit at the bottom of the fucking lineup. All-star, world champion Cliff Floyd! Batting 6th, or even 7th!? Meanwhile our 3rd, 4th, and 5th hitters (Wright, Delgado, Beltran) had over 100 dingers (105) and well over 300 RBI (346!) between the three of them.

This isn’t fucking rocket science! You have to score runs to win baseball games! The Mets won 97 games in ’06 for a reason. They had talent. Cliff Floyd, at age 42 and in the damn booth, would probably bat cleanup for today’s lineup. Good job, Wilpons.

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