Vegas Pitching Coach Frank Viola says Matz reminds him of Bumgarner

Frank Viola, fresh off a hot night on the strip, drunkenly rambled about Mets LHP prospect Steven Matz. “He’s got the fire. He’s a wrecking machine. Red ain’t dead. I lost a lot on the superbowl but I’ve got hot hands in the dice game, baby girl!”

He went on to say, “If you give [Matz] a chance in those types of situations [World Series games], he’s going to shine.”

Thanks Frank! Good to know we’ve got a World Series MVP on our hands. Now all we’ve gotta do is get to the World Series. No problemo! Hype! Hype! Hype!

The Mets have the 2nd best pitching prospect in baseball…guess who has the best

Mets RHP prospect Noah Syndergaard has been ranked the second-best pitching prospect in baseball (, Jan. 20). Nationals LHP Lucas Giolito is the only pitcher ranked ahead of Syndergaard.

Keep talking, Wilpons! Keep letting us know how great our starting rotation is! And keep telling us about our great prospects!

To put what is “on paper” in numbers would like a little like this:


Pitching- 10

Prospects- 10

Hitting- 8


Pitching- 9

Prospects- 9

Hitting- negative a million blowzillion