Cabrera is Dead

Cabrera is dead and apparently blunted out as well. 

Cabrera made a good, heady play yesterday, tagging up from 1st on a long flyout off of Yo’s bat. Except, Cabrera pulled up limp. He winced, he walked off the field, and then he died.

The fans were given the Reyes treatment, too. Asdrubal’s status quickly went from: He’ll be back tomorrow to he’ll be back in two days to he’s going to NY for further testing to torn patella.

Good thing Tejada hit a dinger right away! What power! All is well. Remain calm. All is well! Once Wright goes down, Tejada will be our longest tenured Met. Wow. I can’t believe we thought we’d have a major league shortstop this year. Light your candles for Asdrubal. 

2 thoughts on “Cabrera is Dead

  1. Joe Enright says:

    Well we had our dream team intact for one week of pre-season. I expect more injuries to follow because Port St Lucie is haunted. They don’t need trainers, they need Ghost Hunting Adventurers from the Paranormal Leagues.

    Joe Enright


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