Put This Season To Bed

deGrom added to the hall of faces. We’re dunzo.

Thor being outdueled by a total scrub. Terry not starting Loney (against a righty) and going with Flores? Hmmmm, ya think Loney might’ve been able to help Thor hold runners on? Do ya? Do ya?! We’re dunzo.

Let’s bring in the lefty specialist to face Murph & Bryce in the 9th! Gotta keep it close! Oops single. Oops double. Oops they both scored. We’re dunzo.

The slow burn of this season is even worse than the 2007 shocker. Yes we had pitching problems all 2007 and it caught up to us, but at least we were winning for a while. The collapse was swift. That was a bullet to the head. This is Ramsay Bolton kinda shit. No hope. All torture. All injuries and garbage baseball. The train never even left the station. 

We’re dunzo. Oh and when Yo is a National next year with a not-so-steep 5yr/125mil contract, I’m going to shoot the Jewpons. 

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