Cespedes Says He’ll Take a 6 Year Deal

"Cigars on me."
“Cigars on me…again”

Cespedes says that he’ll take a 6 year deal. By putting that number on the board, Cespedes is openly stating, “I’ll stay if they’ll have me.” Holy balls he’s begging us to sign him. No 7yr deals is Alderson’s THING.

If the Jewpons can’t offer the best player in franchise history a legitimate 6 year deal ($175m), then you have to sell the team. He wants to be here. Just give him what he wants.

Are the Dodgers or Yankees going to offer him something ridiculous like 6 years/$200m? Can’t be. That’s nuts. But why not? We’re talking about a legend here. The Mets have to give him enough. If the Mets let him go, Metsblow will make the Jewpons pay with fire and blood. Either way, I’m getting his jersey.

I don’t think we’re gonna sign Cespedes. I think we’re sooo alllllll in this year. When have we ever made these kind of moves? We usually just let the bullpen tank to shit. This year we got Clippard AND Reed? I don’t think we should get used to it.

P.S. The racist FOX broadcasters are talking about Yoenis’s yellow sleeve and the UNIFORM CODE. This is like when Boston said he was a bad teammate because he didn’t take bp before games. Ummmm, I think he knows what he’s doing. Ummmm, I think NOBODY ON THE METS GIVES A SHIT. I certainly don’t. Because we’re not all evil bigots in NYC. It’s called Superstar License, you freakin’ morons. Let the master use his methods.

2 thoughts on “Cespedes Says He’ll Take a 6 Year Deal

  1. arturothebull says:

    Yes yes a (175) million times yes. The authoritays criticized Willie for his basket catch; criticized Clyde for sitting peacefully on the hardwood after he was knocked down. It’s about color vs. homogeneity; it’s about the mashed potatoes being jealous of the creativity which manifests itself in every move a genius makes. May we enjoy Yoenis for the next half dozen years. Perhaps the Walletpons will understand that great art has great value.

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