Mets Take Back At Least a 3rd of the City

Grandpa Matz and I are both psyched that we've got ANOTHER live one.
Grandpa Matz and I are both psyched that we’ve got ANOTHER live one.

Mets 5, Yankees 1

Is Matz the best of all our young guns? Should he start in the playoffs? He fuckin battled out there. Got the W. Tanaka got the L. Fuck yeah. Fuck Tanaka and his elbow that dangles like the Sword of Damocles.

Some big dingers from Duda, Murph, and Uribe was all the offense we needed. It’d be sooo great if Duda got hot please please please.

Can Dilson Herrera play SS? Don’t get me wrong, I like Wilmer, especially batting 8th. That’s a potent lineup. And with our flamethrowing pitchers racking up Ks, it shouldn’t be that shitty to have him at SS, but I’d really prefer Flores at 2B and a real SS at SS. I thought Dilson had all the tools. I guess you put in Tejada late in the game. Flores made one nice play, and a bunch of shitty ones. SS is just too damn important.

Unfortunately, today’s game is on FOX, so no GKR. Can we get them to do an unsanctioned podcast for the playoffs or something? The Yankees really want these games. They lined up Tanaka and Pineda to face us. Fuck ’em.

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