2/3 Season Report

Lotta baseball left
Lotta baseball left

The Mets have played 108 games. We’re 1.5 games AHEAD of the Nats for 1st place in the NL East. Don’t get cocky. There’s a lot of baseball left. Anything can happen. Our pitching has to stay dominant. Our team has to stay healthy. Our Cubanos have to stay Cuban.

Blevins died. He fell off a curb and died. Mets still doing METS things. We really could use him. O’Flaherty was horrendous in his Mets debut as a left-handed specialist. Blevins was our best arm for a minute, there. RIP. Where’s Montero? Where’s Matz?

Tonight we’re in Tampa. The last time we played the Rays, we had Duda in RF, Davis at 1st, and Bay in the outfield. The funny thing is that before a week ago, that lineup was better than ours.

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