The Phillies Don’t Know The MLBN’s Flagship Program?

So the Phillies have a problem with this?
So the Phillies have a problem with this?

Mets 6, Phillies 5

No, they don’t really have a problem with quick pitching. Their problem is with that fact that we’re better than they are. They’re a dogshit team and we’re not. They’re frustrated. Lame. Super lame. When a brawl breaks out today, Harvey better not punch with his pitching hand.

MLB Network’s “Quick Pitch” with Hansel Robles and every pitcher ever will be followed by:

Roid Rage with Roger Clemens at 10.

Spitballs with Michael Pineda at 11.

And of course, our new flagship program, Batflipping with Daniel Murphy and every Cubano ever.

Switch on over to NFLN for “Helmet to Helmet” with Teddy Bruschi and Bill Romanowski.

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