Dingers! Dingers! Dingers!
Dingers! Dingers! Dingers!

Mets 16, Phillies 7

So we can hit now!? Uhhh, well, that’s because the lineup is entirely different thanks to the Maverick. Praise be due to the Maverick. Here is a breakdown of our franchise record 8 dingers:

Top 2: David Wright, on his first swing back in the majors.

Top 3: Lagares, on a cheap Citizens Bank dinger.

Top 4: Wilmer, with Wright on base.

Top 4: d’Arnaud, back-to-back.

Top 5: Wilmer again.

Top 5: Cuddyer on the first pitch.

Top 6: Murph, who showboated and watched his cheap Citizens Bank dinger “all the way to the first row,” as Gary said.

Top 9: Cespedes, because what would a dinger day be without Cespedes!?

So on a night where deGrom didn’t have it, the Mets were the Comeback Kids and put the whole damn league on notice. Meanwhile, Gilmartin came in as the long reliever and mowed the Phillies down. That was impressive stuff. We needed those stops.

The impact of Wright is clear. As is the impact of Cespedes. Wright made two errors at 3rd, but I’m not too worried about that. He’ll get it back.

So on a night where Joe “I couldn’t care less” Namath smiled at our 16-7 score, can we actually start to believe? The doctors gave a great report on Duda, saying he’ll be back earlier than expected (don’t believe it). Gomez is struggling in Houston; his hip is BALKING. Can we believe it wasn’t the Jewpons jewing out and it was actually his hip? Don’t believe it. Stick with the facts: We’re in 1st place. That’s all that matters right now. One game at a time.

Thor takes the hill. Other than Verrett, our pitching has been struggling in these band boxes. Time for Thor to show us a good road start for once.

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