The Mets Listened To Me, As They Should

Ow, my spine.
Ow, my spine.

Mets 5, Rockies 1

I told the Mets they need to pitch better. I TOOOOLD them to do that. Nice job, Verrett. He’ll likely start again next NEXT time Thor has a road start. You’re the new Gee. You even have his number. Man does the organization fucking hate Gee, or what? Don’t you think he’d be good in the pen? No?

Sweeping the doodoo Rockies was huge. The Rockies have single-handedly put us in this glorious position by beating the Nats and getting hammered by us. The story on Sunday was a familiar one: Elite pitching and enough hitting. That’s the formula, and Cespedes is the impact bat that makes the whole team go. Collins is dumb for batting him 2nd. But no matter where he bats, even when he goes 0 for 3, he changes the pitches thrown to everyone else. Murph is getting so many more fat fastballs and I love it. But Hale, the Rockies’ starter, was horrendous. He threw two wild pitches to RECKER! And they both let a run come in. Recker! He was scared of Recker!? Nah, he just missed his spots by a mile because he’s terrible. The Rockies are terrible. Good job on the sweep.

Now we’ve got to take at least 3 out 4 on the road against Philly. It’s another bad team, though since the ASG, the Marlins have been worse. The Phillies are better without Hamels and Utley for some reason–mainly because they’ve brought up some talented prospects. Either way, this is a last place team and you know what else…

David Wright is BACK! Now you get the photo at the top of the article. He’s baaaaack. What’s the O/U on games played before injuring himself again? 3.5? Will he even make it out of Philly? Stay tuned!

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