We’re Not A Complete Team

Red Sox 6, Mets 4 (F/10)

The bullpen blows. We’re not a complete team. Harvey gets lifted after 6 innings (103 pitches) of lights out ball, and the bullpen blows the whole fucking thing.

Our pen is bad, guys. We’re not a complete team. We’re not there yet. Get someone. Get K-Rod back or something. Do something, because THIS IS OUR SHOT AND THE BULLPEN IS FUCKING BLOWING IT.

Pennant Race Blow: The Nationals lost at home to the Marlins. Scherzer was pitching. He got touched up again. WOOOOOOOW they’re strugg-a-ling. NL LEEEEEAAASSSTT.

Left-Handed Reliever Prediction

Gilmartin is in. Yaaaay scrap heap!

The Mets are apparently (aka completely made up bullshit report from lackey media) talking to the Dodgers and Rockies about lefty relievers. All their relievers make money so the report is completely made up and there’s no chance we’ll sign any of them.

METSBLOW PREDICTS: We take a visit to the junkyard. Another team’s trash is the Mets’ bargain bin Jew treasure. We’re not going to settle for nobody. We’re going to settle for someone worse than nobody. Book it. Book that we will sign someone who got cut by another team and not a single other team is even considering picking him up. We will give a roster spot to someone who is having an awful Spring and most likely an awful career.

The Mets Still Need a Lefty Reliever But Won’t Put Up The Dough

The Orioles are willing to trade LH reliever Brian Matusz sending cash in the deal, “but the Mets may prefer other options,” major-league sources recently said.

And by other options, they of course mean, “keeping the money in our greedy Jew pockets.”

The Mets are looking at Cardinals LH reliever Sam Freeman and Nationals LH reliever Xavier Cedeno. Both are out of options and unlikely to make their team’s Opening Day rosters, indicating they could be available in trade.

Oh, great! So we’re looking at picking up a dude from the scrap heap! Awesome! Amazin’! Let’s Go Mets!

This is why the Edgin TJ is even worse than the Wheeler TJ. Wheeler fell in the one area where we actually have the depth to (mostly) make up for it. But without Edgin–who was absolutely lethal last year and only getting better–we’re totally fucked in the bullpen. Well, we wouldn’t be totally fucked if the Wilpons weren’t the total Jew fucks that they are, but here we are. Metsblow.