Alderson Brags About Fixity of Roster

Today, Sandy Vag Alderson spoke with reporters and said, “The Mets have a more set 25-man roster at this point in spring training then they have in previous years.”

Wow Sandy! WOW!! AMAZING!! So you’re saying that instead of 4 gaping holes out of the 8 starting positions, now we only have 2! WOW! BRAVO!!

Bragging about being better than the past years is such a fucking joke. First of all, PROVE IT. Second of all, Alderson has been with the Mets for 4 years. We haven’t been .500 once, averaging 76 wins per year over this span. PA-FUCKING-THETIC!! Metsblow.

Brag away, Alderson. Brag away. Enjoy all the pitching that Minaya got for you.

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