Daniel Murphy Likes Gays…Just Not In THAT Way

Daniel Murphy got into a little bit of trouble with the PC police when he said that he disagreed with the gay lifestyle (aka two dudes having buttsex with each other).

He clarified that while he doesn’t agree with the whole gay thing, he is a Christian and so he is an accepting person and therefore has not ruled out getting to know a gay person.

Thanks Daniel! Glad you’re so accepting! We know that Christians are wholly accepting of pedophiles and murderers, so it’s good that you’re sorta kinda cool with gays, too.

Here’s the thing, though. I don’t CAAAAARRREEEEE!! I don’t care at all! We knew he was a Christian. We know that more than 75% of the damn league thanks God in their victory speeches. Just win! I don’t give a fucking shit about the off-the-field stuff! I don’t care at ALL!!

And another thing, I’m so sick of defending my fandom. Where’s the line? It’s nowhere. I’ll take Ray Lewis on my football team any day. All my idols are flawed. The end. People that don’t get this are very judgmental.

Dear Daniel Murphy: Hit .300. That’s what we care about. Win baseball games. That’s what we care about. The end.

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